Investors welcome!

Due to the increase in demand for industrial hemp and cannabinoid flowers, the acreage of hemp grew accordingly. Our research shows that the average acreage per farm in Germany is less than 8 ha. This is exactly the limit beyond which cultivation no longer makes sense without mechanical equipment. The HHHarvester can break through this limit and make hemp cultivation possible for many.

Progressive development of hemp-acreage in Europe

Investors who want to promote and support an innovative and future-oriented technology are invited to contribute to the success of the project. Our structures are transparent, our contact persons are competent and our product is innovative, scalable and in demand worldwide.
We are looking for supporters who

  • are seriously interested in the success of the project, ideally those with knowledge and commitment to the hemp industry.
  • contribute ideas, innovations and visions and at least participate in an advisory role, especially in the management of the expanding company.
  • have a strong background in financial planning, setting financial targets and general financial responsibility.
  • have an understanding of the volatility of an emerging but fast moving industry and allow adjustments to be made to take advantage of market changes and are an active part of direct and timely decisions.
  • Understand entrepreneurs and have an entrepreneurial experience or a proven track record in dealing with various creative small businesses.

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