The HHH Hemp Harvester 700

Versatile, lightweight, easy handling and maintenance, affordable

For industrial hemp and precious medicinal and smokeable plants

See the HHHarvester in the field.

The HHHarvester is a double-module front-loaded attachment for harvesting industrial hemp flowers and stems. Four years in research, development and production, the harvester is durable, proven technology that turns out high-quality cannabis buds. The harvester can be driven by a small tractor, has an aluminum frame and rollers for weight reduction, stainless steel parts such as chains and other flower-contacting parts for food- and pharmacy-grade products, hydraulic drives for the main aggregates and an electric scissor-bar. The weight of a double-module configuration is estimated at 350kg, so any tractor with sufficient hydraulic performance can easily carry it.

PRICE: see pricelist

Action of the stripper and collection units.

The machine is modular: Put two or more modules side by side and multiply your harvesting performance accordingly. We designed the modular structure for the alignment of up to three modules.

Result of 2 hrs work of 5 workers: 120 boxes, ten times performance


  • Two rubberized pulling rollers per module
  • Two stainless steel stripping chains
  • Low-lying cutter bar
  • Flower-conveyor


  • Strip the flowers of four hectares easily in a day (three workers)
  • Bring in the crop in a short weather window
  • Flowers as if hand harvested, without any stems
  • Homogenous composition of cannabinoids for entire yield
  • Highly mobile and easily transportable by pickup truck or other small transport
  • Leaves full length stems for better fibre quality

Specifications (Double module)

  • Harvesting-velocity: >1m/s
  • Cutting width: 140cm
  • Cutting capacity: 1,4m² per sec and 10.000m² in 2 hrs; 4-5 ha per day
  • Weight: 350kg

Options (additional charge)

  • additional scissor-bar
  • collector box with bottom flap
  • climbing conveyor 230cm
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